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Keynote Speaker

Dr. John Sullivan


HR thought leader
Professor of Management, San Francisco State University

Keynote presentation:

10 Ways to Align Recruiting Plans with Your Corporate Strategy

The holy grail of strategic recruiting is to align your recruiting plan and strategy with those of your Corporation. Although it’s not easy to do, aligning your approach will directly increase your measurable business impacts, which in turn will assure that recruiting is recognized by senior executives and is fully funded - and it may even get recruiting mentioned as a strategic contributor in the annual report. Corporate strategic goals cover the things that executives value most: building revenue, innovating, accelerating corporate speed, and building a competitive advantage. It is essential for you focus recruiting resources on areas that impact these goals: filling mission-critical and revenue-generating jobs with top performing talent; hiring innovators and those with “future skills;” and developing recruiting approaches that provide your firm with a competitive advantage. Having a shared focus on corporate goals may be insufficient, however, if you don’t also credibly measure your business impact and convert your results into the universal language of business: dollars.

Recruiting thought leader Dr. John Sullivan will lead a powerful and informative session about "Business Impact Recruiting," highlighting the 10 most effective approaches that top recruiters have successfully used to increase their business impacts. The session will demonstrate recruiting's high impact on a business' bottom line - and how strategic recruiting can change the direction and expand the business capabilities of an entire corporation.

Dr. Sullivan is an internationally known HR thought-leader whose strategies and insight into HR metrics have set new standards for the hiring industry. Sullivan has authored 10 books and over 900 articles covering all areas of talent management. Sullivan and his ideas have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Fortune, the Financial Times and many other print and television outlets. He has been called “the father of HR metrics” (staffing.org) and “the Michael Jordan of hiring” (Fast Company). He has served as the Chief Talent Officer of Agilent Technologies and the CEO of the Business Development Center and has been a Professor of Management at San Francisco State for over three decades. His work can be found at http://www.drjohnsullivan.com. 



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