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Sunday, November 8

6:00PM - 8:00PM Opening Cocktail Reception

Monday, November 9

7:30AM - 8:15AM Registration & Breakfast

8:15AM - 8:30AM Welcome & Opening Remarks
RD Whitney, Group Vice President, Recruiting Trends

8:30AM - 9:15AM General Session: Trends That Impact Recruiters: 2016 and Beyond
The economy and the workforce are changing rapidly with the onslaught of robotics, automation, the Internet of Things. There are more freelance workers than ever before and more people are opting for flexible work schedules and virtual work. What do these trends, and others, mean for recruiters? What's the future of recruiting? Is automation on our horizon?

Kevin will engage you in the broad discussion of what these mean and show you how to successfully grow into the emerging roles that recruiters will play as we move deeper into the 21st century. Don't miss this fascinating journey into tomorrow.
Kevin Wheeler, CEO, Future of Talent Institute

9:15AM - 9:30AM Meet the Title & Gold Sponsors

9:30AM - 10:15AM Networking & Refreshment Break
Sponsored by Greenhouse

10:20AM - 11:10AM Exclusive Recruiting Peer-Networking Groups
Exchange ideas and share experiences with recruiting pros in organizations of your size range.

Peer-networking groups will organize recruiters by their company size into the following groups:

• Organizations with fewer than 100 employees
• Organizations with 101-500 employees
• Organizations with 501-1000 employees
• Organizations with more than 1000 employees

11:15AM - 12:10PM Concurrent Sessions – Choose Track A, B, or C

Track A: Raising the Bar – The Super Recruiter
Find out what it takes to become a recruiting consultant - not just a paper pusher - for your hiring managers.
Leslie Mason, Senior Recruiter and Gail Houston, Product Manager/Recruiter, Intuit

Track B: Sourcing Lab: Build Your Own Custom Search Engine
Create custom-saved search shortcuts that prompt for keywords so you don't have to memorize Boolean and other syntax; be more productive with the Favorites and other toolbars, automated search engine alerts and custom Google search engines.
Shally Steckerl, President, Hire4ce & The Sourcing Institute

Track C, Solution Provider: Recruitment Marketing 101: Thinking Like a Marketer to Attract Talent
Large or small, every employer has a unique brand, employer value proposition and culture to leverage in the war for talent. If that sounds like something straight out of a marketing playbook, you’re right.

Today, with so much direct competition for job candidates, adopting marketing best practices can be your recruiting secret sauce to amplify your employment message to the talent you want to attract to your organization.

Join Kira Federer from Glassdoor for "Recruitment Marketing 101: Thinking Like a Marketer to Attract Talent” where we’ll explore how to showcase company culture and pro-actively engage your workforce to help active and passive candidates develop a strong interest in your organization.

Key takeaways:

  • Recruiting marketing defined
  • Using social media, mobile and talent analytics to target the right candidates on the right channels.
  • Responding to company reviews with the “employer perspective” on Glassdoor to build candidate trust
  • Engaging employees as brand ambassadors to give candidates an insider's view of your company

Bonus! Attend our session and receive Glassdoor’s hot-off-the-press “Recruitment Marketing For Dummies(r), Glassdoor Special Edition” as our thanks for your participation.
Kira Federer, Product Marketing Manager, Glassdoor

12:15PM - 1:00PM Awards Luncheon

1:00PM - 1:30PM Dessert and Networking Break

1:30PM - 2:20PM General Session: The Top 10 "Bleeding Edge" Recruiting Trends That You Need to Track
Being forward-looking is a requirement in order to be a leader. Even though recruiting leaders seldom have the resources to implement more than a handful of emerging practices, as professionals we still have an obligation to learn about the "bleeding edge practices" that the very best firms are implementing or planning. Learning about these emerging trends can be stimulating and they can serve as signals highlighting new directions that your function needs to be moving toward. Some of the evolving trends and opportunities that will be highlighted include:

• A recruiting function driven by data
• Assessing the career trajectory of candidates
• Exciting new uses for video
• The use of TV for employer branding
• The upcoming shortage of high quality recruiters
• Utilizing predictive metrics to alert managers about upcoming opportunities
• How market research can dramatically improve recruiting results

This exciting and highly interactive session will be led by well-known talent management thought leader, author and longtime Recruiting Trends contributor Dr. John Sullivan.
Dr. John Sullivan, Silicon Valley Talent Thought Leader

2:30PM - 3:20PM Concurrent Sessions – Choose Track A, B, or C 

Track A: Legal Pitfalls & Minefield In The New Age of Recruiting
No conference on recruiting or talent would be complete without a number of sessions on the use of social networking for sourcing, recruiting and employer branding. However, before jumping onto the internet, employers need to be aware of the dangers and pitfalls that abound. What might seem like a strategic use of social media is may be a fast track to litigation, governmental investigations and bad press. In this session, Dawn Standerwick will review some of the legal considerations in using the internet to select and screen candidates. Social media is here to stay, but if employers don't use it carefully, they may spend more time in the courtroom than they do growing their business. Topics include:

• Avoiding allegations of discrimination based on prohibited criteria such as race, creed, color, sex, medical condition, marital status, age or other criteria
• Tempting fate: assuming that just because information is online, all rights to privacy have been waived
• The internet as a virtual petri dish for fraud and deceit, with candidates pushing fake credentials, education and employment histories; how to avoid the sophisticated scams
• The latest on how state laws are restricting internet use, such as prohibitions on considering lawful off-duty conduct and on requiring applicant passwords
• The 2012 EEOC Guidance on the use of criminal records and how it may change the way every US firm recruits and hires
• The risks of using social media searches as a form of pre-hire background check
• Other dangers of using the internet for recruiting - and potential solutions

Dawn Standerwick, Vice President, Employment Screening Resources

Track B: Sourcing Lab: Source Like an FBI Agent
Conduct sensitive investigations like an FBI/CIA Agent. Learn the what-you-say and what-you-don’t-say to get the info you need by phone via Neuro-linguistics programming. Hear real calls identifying on-target talent, reporting relationships, phone numbers, and email addresses to supplement what you find online. ExecuQuest’s proven-results approach fills in the gaps to give you full spectrum talent mapping, finding the most qualified talent not the most available. Regain your confidence and rediscover the lost art of original telephone research with these empowering techniques.
Conni LaDouceur, President and Chief Sourcing Strategist, ExecuQuest Corp.

Track C, Solution Provider: Ready for an Audit? How to Keep Compliant in Recruiting.
As an organization, it is your duty to comply with the Office of the Federal Contract Compliance Program (OFCCP). The OFCCP implemented new rules in March 2015, which included auditing and setting benchmarks for discrimination against veterans, discrimination against candidates with disabilities and auditing for fairness in compensation and background checks. The repercussions of being found to be non-compliant with the OFCCP are very serious, including fines and damage to your company's reputation. Find out how "trackable" job video postings can help make your company safe and compliant. Adding a digital element to your recruitment practice is fast, easy, mobile friendly, and most important, trackable!
Lindsay Stanton, Chief Client Officer, Digi-Me

BONUS SESSION! Recruiting 3.0 – Collaborative Recruiting
What if everyone else can do your job better than you? Stop being irritated with those who keep getting into your recruiting business, get out of their way and put them to work.

Everyone seems to have an opinion about how to recruit. In a fast paced environment we often find out after the fact that others have attended an event, launched an initiaitive, or made a commitment we may not have the bandwidth to support. Collaborative Recruiting requires us to let go a little and use all of the resources at our disposal to drive the talent brand, message and outreach to a whole new level.

• Expanding College Recruiting Beyond Your College Team
• Partnering with Employee Resource Groups to drive key hiring initiatives
• Equipping your leaders, departments and teams with the right messaging and materials and training
Deborah Rousseau, Head of Recruiting Programs & Operations, SolarCity

3:30PM - 4:00PM Networking & Refreshment Break
Sponsored by Indeed

4:00PM - 5:00PM Concurrent Sessions – Choose Track A, B, or C 

Track A: 3 Steps to Recruiting Millennials from Facebook
What if you could avoid the crowd altogether when it comes to building your employer brand on Social Media? An employer brand that'll reach thousands of Millennials every day. If you're not currently using Facebook to recruit Millennials, attend this session to learn:

• why Facebook is the right platform to recruit Millennials.
• 3 proven content marketing strategies to engage Millennials on Facebook.
• #1 mistake recruiters make when recruiting Millennials and how to avoid it.

Shahid Wazed, Social Recruiting Thought Leader

Track B: How to Source Managers, Directors & Executives Using Google Images and XRay
Description: The internet is a goldmine of valuable information for Recruiters and Sourcers, but let's face it, searching Google for resumes is complicated, time-consuming, and more often than not, unproductive! In this session, I will show you how to leverage the power of X-Ray searching and refine results using Google Images to target managers, directors, and executives not found on LinkedIn.

• Learn how to quickly and easily identify top talent in any industry for FREE
• Master X-Ray Searching
• Discover the power of Google Images in sourcing talent

Holly Mallowes, Senior Recruiter & Talent Sourcing, Hire4ce

Track C, Solution Provider: What to Why: A Fundamental Shift in Building Top Teams
Do you know WHY your best people outperform? Or why others underperform?
Why is it so often the case that two people with extremely similar skills and experience, both supported by the same training, management, and tools, perform so differently from one another?
There is a tremendous amount of data available on WHAT people do. Historical data. Performance data. Activity metrics.
What’s missing is the WHY data. 
Explore the powerful, objective data driving a fundamental shift in the way leaders build high performing teams.
This session will be led by ClearFit CEO and What to Why author Jamie Schneiderman.
Jamie Schneiderman, CEO, ClearFit

BONUS SESSION! Quality of Hire: Does it Exist?
Have you ever been asked to measure the performance of your recruiting organization? Are you still giving your leaders updates on time to fill only? Are you stuck with reporting on lagging indicators? Well, you are in the majority, most organizations do not know how to start measuring "quality of hire". In this session Gregory Karanastasis, VP, Global Head of Talent Acquisition for Pitney Bowes will share with you his story of how he transformed PB's recruiting analytics from purely quantitative to a balance of qualitative and quantitative. Additionally, you will see the measures that Pitney Bowes looks at, how they get the data and how they use the data to influence the strategic priorities of recruiting.

Take this opportunity to learn:
• What goes into "quality of hire" data & How to use this information to help realize a return back on your recruitment investment
• Obtain insights on how to integrate into your recruiter's performance criteria and evaluation
• Benefits to your business

Gregory Karanastasis, Vice President, Global Talent Acquisition, Pitney Bowes

5:00PM - 6:00PM Networking Reception

Tuesday, November 10

7:15AM - 8:15AM Registration Reopens & Breakfast

8:20AM - 9:20AM General Session: HR's Greatest Challenge: 5 Business-Driven Actions to Improve Recruitment, Engagement and Retention
What is the value of hiring new talent if you can’t keep it? Too often recruiters focus on filling jobs quickly without drive and accountability to place new hires who will fully engage and stay. The facts are in as turnover is spiking each year and engagement has been flat since…gulp…2000. The solution is simple. Manage both like business issues instead of HR issues and see immediate improvement.

This session highlights the presenter’s new book, HR’s Greatest Challenge, which follows The Power of Stay Interviews which is the top-selling book in SHRM history. Participants will take home the answer to, “Now that we’ve hired them, how do we keep them and increase their productivity?” 
Dick Finnegan, CEO, C-Suite Analytics

9:30AM - 10:20AM Concurrent Sessions – Choose Track A, B, or C

Track A: Panel: Recruiting Millennials—Programs & Practices from the 100 Best Workplaces for Millennials
Great Place to Work and recently announced the 100 Best Workplaces for Millennials, based entirely on feedback from millennial-aged employees at these firms. Our panel will discuss the programs and practices that they've developed and why they think they're successfully resonating with millennials at their companies.
Panelists: Scott Kubic, Director, Global Talent Acquisition, SAS Institute Inc.; Amanda Boehm, Human Resources Specialist, Acuity, A Mutual Insurance Company; Ericka Nelson, General Manager, EPIC... It's so Miami, A Kimpton Hotel
Moderated by: Kim Peters, CEO, Great Place to Work

Track B: Sourcing Lab: The Best Chrome Extensions to Use As a Recruiter
Learn the best chrome extensions to use as a recruiter and what they do. We will review the best sites to visit with the extensions running in the background and what the extensions can extract for the Sourcer/Recruiter to make them
more productive and more efficient.
Michael Gray, Senior IT Recruiter & Sourcer, First Data Corporation

Track C, Solution Provider: A New Generation of Confident, Successful Hiring through Hiring Success Management (HSM)!
Today, one of the biggest problems in the hiring process is the inability to verify the quality of potential hires. Great talent is often over-looked, and under-qualified people may be hired, all due to the fact that there are very few ways to actually verify their quality of work. An open position in your company may attract hundreds to thousands of candidates, which can often cause teams to settle for just "good" talent. Imagine being able to click your mouse and have a machine tell you which candidate is the ultimate best fit in a matter of seconds. Imagine knowing the exact window of time in which a candidate is likely to make a move. In this session, find out how this new, emerging category of Hiring Success Management (HSM) is transforming the hiring process and how new developments in machine learning and data science are creating time for recruiters to focus on tasks that only humans can do– such as building rapport with candidates and development of their employer brands. Ultimately by using HSM, you can make every hire, the best hire.
Brad Warga, Senior Vice President, Gild

BONUS SESSION! Candidate Experience: Reap What You Sow
When it comes to candidates, their experience while researching, applying, interviewing and on-boarding has moved from an anecdotal ‘nice to do if we have time’ cliché to a compelling business necessity.

Today we can measure and differentiate how companies treat ALL of their candidates including those candidates they don’t hire and, more importantly, put a dollar figure on the rewards and costs associated with that experience.

Hundreds of firms participate in the non-profit, TalentBoard’s Candidate Experience Awards, providing detailed information about the recruiting practices that impact this critical stakeholder. In 2014 alone, 122 employers looking deeper into the mirror invited their candidates to share how they were treated. 95,000 responded over an 8 week period by completing a 20-40 minute survey of more than 60 questions. And that fire-hose of data, coupled with 2015 results is still being absorbed by employers and an army of volunteers, consultants and academicians.

Join one of the founders of TalentBoard in exploring the needs of this critical stakeholder as he discusses the evidence being gathered in North America, Europe and Australia about this essential but often overlooked participant in the recruiting process.
Gerry Crispin, Principal & Co-Founder, CareerXroads

10:30AM - 11:00AM Networking Break

11:00AM - 11:50AM Exclusive Recruiting Peer-Networking Groups
Exchange ideas, share experiences with recruiting pros of similar size organizations.

Peer-networking groups will organize recruiters by their company size into the following groups:

• Organizations with fewer than 100 employees
• Organizations with 101-500 employees
• Organizations with 501-1000 employees
• Organizations with more than 1000 employees

12:00PM - 1:00PM Lunch & Luncheon Session: Prepare for 2020: 3 Talent Acquisition Trends You Can't Ignore

Do you wish you could be more influential with executives? Have you ever tried to convince a hiring manager to do something but simply couldn't get traction? Do you aspire to be more strategic and get a seat at the table?

We are entering a transformative period for the talent acquisition industry; a five year time span that will change how Taleo Acquisition gets done at every organization in every business in every industry. There's a key question burning:

Are you ready?
In this practical and engaging session, Jason Warner, former Global Recruiting Leader at Google and Starbucks, and founder of RecruitingDash will challenge you to think differently about the role talent acquisition plays at your organization. Leveraging the latest thought provoking data regarding how executives view the current and future of the recruiting function, Jason will challenge you to invest in yourself in ways that will propel your career and cement your role and purpose in the New Talent Economy.

Plug in, take notes, and be ready to learn and grow.
Jason Warner, Founder, RecuitingDash

1:00PM - 1:30PM Dessert & Networking Break

1:30PM - 2:20PM Concurrent Sessions – Choose Track A, B, or C 

Track A: Leveraging Your In-house Team for Senior-level Hiring
While it may seem intimidating, most seasoned corporate recruiters can effectively recruit at the senior levels if they develop an effective process, properly manage stakeholder expectations, establish a cadence of regular communication and become proficient at direct sourcing.   During this session, Paul Jesselson will share strategies and best practices for hiring senior-level employees that he has used to save millions in search firm fees at Microsoft, Cisco, Dell & Cognizant.
Paul Jesselson, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Track B: Sourcing Lab: Real People, Real Reviews...Real Great Talent
LinkedIn can be a great source of candidates, but not everyone is on it. More often than not, it is hard to identify passive candidates for high volume roles for Retail, Call Center, and other Service Industry environments. In this course we'll cover how to identify great talent using Yelp and other social sites. I will also cover great tips for engaging the talent you've identified.
Chris Murdock, Senior Partner, IQ Talent

Track C, Solution Provider: Coming Soon!

BONUS SESSION! Case Study: Developing a Pipeline for Passive Candidates
Be pro-active in building a pipeline of potential candidates for future openings by advertising and sourcing utilizing a variety of tools and WOW the Hiring Manager and HR Business Partner at the Strategic Intake with candidates.  Get successful tips and ideas on how to advance source for those on a PIP (performance improvement plan).  Learn how to share passive candidates in a global/remote team setting.
Lynda Averette Paulson, Talent Acquisition Manager, Thomson Reuters Legal

2:30PM - 3:20PM Concurrent Sessions – Choose Track A or B

Track A: Recruiting Regulation: Affirmative Action: What You Don't Know Can Hurt You
The Obama Administration’s top priority continues to be finding and eradicating systemic hiring discrimination, which often results in million dollar settlements with employers. In this session, we will discuss how EEOC and OFCCP investigate systemic discrimination and how we can strategically and proactively protect our organizations now in our hiring practices. In particular, we will discuss the following:

• Strategic use of disposition codes;
• What to keep (and what is too much);
• Requisition and searching best practices; and,
• Conducting an HR audit of your company’s practices.

These practices are crucial to successfully defending your company in EEOC investigations and OFCCP audits. The risks are real -- are you prepared?
Jennifer Seda, Shareholder, Jackson Lewis, Denver Office

Track B: Sourcing Lab: Get off Google and Bing! What Else is There in Search Strategy?
Learn about tools that will index the results of your search plus methodologies to find hidden talent beyond what’s on Google, Bing and LinkedIn. After this session, you will think differently on building your search strategy and approach using these techniques and integrate into your sourcing process.
Ronnie Bratcher, Senior Technical Recruiter, Guidewire Software

3:30PM - 4:30PM Closing Session: Best Practices in Employee Referral Programs
Kara Yarnot, Founder & President, Meritage Talent Solutions

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The Recruiting Trends Conference main program has been approved for 10 (HR (General)) recertification credit hours toward California, GPHR, HRBP, HRMP, PHR, and SPHR recertification through the HR Certification Institute.