Pre-Conference Workshops: Tuesday, October 28

Workshops optimize your conference experience, offering focused sessions targeted just to the topics that matter most to you and your organization. Learn in an intimate, interactive environment from some of the top practitioners and experts in recruiting today.

Recruiting Metrics and Analytics Bootcamp: How to Become Data-Driven (9:00am - 12:00pm)

Jason Warner, Co-Founder, RecruitingDashJasonWarner w

There is a monumental trend unfolding in recruiting & human capital management: it is all about data. Data is changing every aspect of how businesses operate, and talent acquisition is no exception. In the past, it may have been sufficient to say, “We have improved the recruiting process...” or “We need more recruiters..." But how are you going to lead when the business expects hard data, advanced analytics and real business intelligence from Talent Acquisition? The new expectations for data-driven recruitment means recruiting leaders are changing how they measure and run recruiting operations, whether they have a team of 5 recruiters or 500. And we will show you how.

This is not your mother’s PowerPoint Presentation: we will rock you with our case studies. So come prepared to dig in, learn and develop practical skills and abilities which will propel your career into the era of recruitment metrics and analytics.

In this practical and engaging session, Jason Warner, former Global Recruiting Leader at Google and Starbucks and Founder of RecruitingDash, a SaaS provider of world-class recruiting metrics, analytics and dashboards, will lead participants in developing hard skills in the following areas, utilizing practical, real-world human capital case studies to facilitate learning and development:

  • Talent Supply Chain Theory: Leveraging Business Intelligence & Lean Principles to eliminate waste and unleash productivity in your recruiting supply chain
  • Influential Executive Analytics & Recruiting Metrics - building the business case for and with talent acquisition metrics
  • Warning! Danger Ahead: Top 5 mistakes to avoid with recruitment metrics
  • Best practices: what are top recruiting leaders doing now? Which metrics & analytics are creating shareholder & stakeholder value?
  • “I know I need metrics, now how do I get them?” - Practical tips and a pragmatic blueprint to get started.
  • Quality of Hire: What’s real, what’s not.

If you are prepared to learn, be challenged, develop real skills and want to dig in and work with other metrics-driven colleagues, this is the session for you.


Intensive: Back to the Basics of Sourcing (9:00am-12:00pm)

Shally Steckerl, President, The Sourcing Institute ShallySteckerl w

Sourcing can be very confusing due to its fast pace and an overabundance of hype. As a result, many successful recruiting leaders are uncomfortable about where and how to start building a sourcing function. Both leaders and practitioners will learn how to identify and successfully embed key sourcing initiatives into current recruitment efforts, improve the performance of existing recruitment and/or sourcing teams, and build a sourcing function from the ground up. Expect to gain practical, hands-on experience solving real-life challenges and walk away with:  

  • Overview of embedding sourcing in the recruitment function: how to bring sourcing into a team that already does recruiting
  • Understanding of how to get the requisition RIGHT from the intake meeting
  • Knowledge and tips on turning difficult hiring managers into raving fans
  • How to optimize your job posting for social media  


Personal Branding: How to Navigate in Today’s Social Circles (9:00am-12:00pm)

Lizz Pellet, Fellow, Johns Hopkins University and Talent Acquisition Advisor-Educator, Author, LinkedIn Guru, Culture/Branding Expert, Master FacilitatorLizzPellet

Sure, everyone knows what a brand is. Coke, Pepsi, McDonald’s. But that buzzword is getting thrown around a whole lot in career search conversations these days, too. And you might be thinking to yourself, “Why do I really have to care about this?” Here’s why: whether you’re on the job hunt, a student, or gainfully employed, you must think, act, and plan like a business leader. With the surge of social media, you have not only the ability, but you now have the need to manage your own reputation, both online and in real life.

We recognize most of us Google each other before we connect on line and your current employer probably has an eye on what you’re doing, too. And when you interact with people, both online and offline, they’ll build up an image of who you are over time. And here’s where you come in: you want to be in control of all of those impressions. Why leave your professional reputation to chance, when you can be your own PR guru and manage your image?

This engaging presentation will uncover the ins and outs of personal branding including work sheets on how to build the brand and leverage it on Social networks.

Learning objectives include:

• How to determine your emotional appeal
• Review how your personal brand is coming across and whether it is authentic and congruent with who you are
• What do you do that makes you stand out from everyone else
• Recommendations on how to better message your brand
• Ways to increase your online clout and establish credibility



Think you can't recruit and source people from Facebook? Think again! (1:00pm-4:00pm)

Shahid Wazed, founder of Social Recruiting SeminarShahidWazed w

Setting up a Facebook recruiting page can be daunting. But that should not stop you from harnessing the power of Facebook to recruit top talent!

Knowing how to recruit candidates on Facebook can literally put you ahead of your competition as very few recruiters know how to make Facebook work for recruiting and sourcing passive talent.

When you attend this super-interactive Facebook recruiting workshop (please come prepared to interact with the facilitator), you'll have instant access to:

  • Information on how to get buy-in from management for leveraging Facebook as a viable applicant source
  • The exact Facebook recruiting strategy that Shahid used to create the "City of Edmonton Jobs" Facebook page, which won "Thomas H. Muehlenbeck Award for Excellence in Local Government" from Alliance for Innovation competing with all U.S. municipalities
  • Proven graph search terms that are ready to find your ideal candidates on Facebook in 7 seconds

The value you're going to get by attending this workshop far outweighs the investment you'll make - and that's a promise!

In the words of those who have attended Shahid's recent workshops:

"One of the most useful and inspiring workshops I have attended in my 15 years of recruiting... I walked away from his seminar armed with resources and tools to convince our leadership to get on board with social media to help us attract and retain top talent." - Wendy Johnson, Talent Acquisition Lead at Envisage Information systems and President at TopHire Recruitment, LLC

"Shahid's passion for social recruiting and his genuine desire to share his expertise with others is refreshing and inspirational!" - Barbara Nekich, Senior Human Resources Consultant

"Extremely insightful. I learned so much about making the most of social media." - Jessica Sickmeier, MBA, Talent Acquisition and Development Manager at True Manufacturing

If you ever wanted to recruit top talent on Facebook, this is your chance!

New LinkedIn Hacks & Life After LinkedIn: The Secret Advantage of Natural Language Search (1:00pm-4:00pm)

Shally Steckerl, President, The Sourcing Institute ShallySteckerl w

Recruiters don't need to be Boolean geniuses to apply these simple language pattern techniques to any job order and breathe life back into their ATS, Job Board, and LinkedIn accounts. Plus, by teaming up through social search engines, you will get more accurate results than you ever believed possible from data that has been hiding right under your nose.



Leveraging Hiring Managers as Your Secret Weapon (1:45pm-4:45pm)

Ben Gotkin, Principal Consultant, Recruiting Toolbox, Inc.BenGotkin w

Hiring managers can speed you up, or slow you down. They can raise the bar on talent, or push you to just get a butt in the seat. They can be a phenomenal partner, or a passive-aggressive nightmare. Many recruiting leaders know that hiring managers are the key to recruitment success, but getting hiring managers to lead in the recruitment process isn’t easy. 

In this fun, how-to, interactive workshop, we’ll discuss how we can best leverage our hiring managers to get our businesses the right talent. We’ll break into groups and share/develop best practices that we can take back to our offices, with a focus on leveraging hiring managers to source, assess, and close in a changing talent marketplace.

Ben Gotkin will lead this workshop, and leverage his time in the trenches as a corporate recruiting leader and his time consulting with recruiting leaders and business executives to share and uncover practical, real-world approaches to driving Hiring Manager success and getting hiring managers to see themselves as active partners in the drive to hire top talent.

Pricing & Registration


$395 per workshop


To ensure a focused learning experience, workshop space is extremely limited. Reserve early for best availability.

Register for your workshop(s) of choice when you register for the Recruiting Trends Conference. To add a workshop to an existing registration, contact Liz Fallon: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or 207-842-5557.