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Metrics: Transforming the Recruiting Process
What gets measured gets managed -- and recruiting is no exception.
Candidates Really Are the New Customers
Through the smart deployment of technology, you can ensure that your candidate experience is as good as the experience you provide to your company's customers.
Recipe for a Talent Acquisition Fail
When recruiting leaders treat all requisitions equally, without distinguishing between business-critical roles, it can negatively affect business performance.
The Rise of Artificial Intelligence: You're Fired!(in 2022)
Algorithms: Recruiters can learn how they work and figure out how to use them -- or be replaced by them.
Filling Your Company with 'A-Players'
By ensuring your processes are up to date, you'll have a much better chance of attracting and retaining great entry-level candidates.
How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Recruiters Keep Up
As hiring volume increases while resources stay the same (or shrink), artificial intelligence can be the recruiter's ally.
Are Unconscious Biases Impacting Your Hiring Decisions?
Four types of unconscious bias can undermine the recruiting process.
Four Ways Talent Acquisition Technology Will Change this Year
From artificial intelligence to cognitive diversity, there are lots of exciting developments on the horizon.
How to Diversify Your College Recruiting
Five ways for your organization to better connect with and recruit diverse college students and graduates.
How Cisco Disrupted Its Approach to Talent
Cisco Systems' talent acquisition leader explains how the company changed the way it finds great people.
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