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Overqualified? Hire Them Anyway!
Studies suggest that job candidates with more education bring more value to the organization -- even if the job in question may not require a college degree.
The Long Game:Building a Pipeline of Diverse Talent
Companies such as Cisco Systems and EY are taking a long-term approach to increasing the supply of diverse talent within their industries.
Facebook's Bold Move to Challenge LinkedIn
With its new job posting service, the social networking giant moves into territory that's been dominated by LinkedIn. Will it succeed?
Treating Candidates Like Consumers
A new report finds that a majority of companies plan to invest in recruitment marketing solutions. However, they should proceed carefully first.
Hiring Veterans for Leadership Positions Could Help Uber
A leadership consultant says Uber -- and companies like it -- can benefit by hiring more veterans.
Korn Ferry Report: Job Switchers Want Challenge
The most recent survey on what workers really want changes the discourse slightly, putting the top reason for leaving a company to pursue a more challenging position or assignment.
New Research Reveals the Hiring Challenges of Small and Mid-sized Companies
Small and mid-sized businesses go through 86 candidates to find one hire, the study finds.
How Accounting Affects Hiring and Talent Management
What's the difference between a dollar spent on a robot and one spent on a worker? Unless you've taken accounting classes, you might be surprised.
Using Your Job Boards to Build a Stronger Talent Pipeline
New tools and features may help mid-sized companies build a stronger talent pipeline.
Turns out big paydays weren't enough to keep valued employees on the job.

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